Unique and Amazing 15 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

15 year wedding anniversary gift

Traditionally, 15 year wedding anniversary gift is everything made of sparkly crystal. It symbolizes love and romance. In the meantime, for modern 15 year wedding anniversary gifts, people usually give watches. Jewelries would also be great ideas for celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary.

From beautiful gifts from crystals, watches, and jewelry, here we have selected some unique wedding anniversary gift ideas to celebrate your 15th wedding. These ideas would be a perfect present for your husband or wife. Read More

Beach Wedding Attire For Guests

beach wedding attire for guests

Attires to wear for a beach wedding is more casual than those which are for church or indoor wedding venue. Pretty gowns and tailored suits may feel uncomfortable in the hot beach. When looking for beach wedding attire for guests, you should take into account the formality of the wedding. Sun, sand, wind, and water also become the elements to consider well. More advisable is to choose lighter colors and fabrics.

You’ll look OK to opt for sockless or wear sandals. Long maxi dresses with attractive accessories can also give you a nice look. Just keep in mind, beach dressing should be easy. Light pants and shirts along with dresses in beautiful cotton prints and color, and floaty chiffon are much recommended to wear for beach weddings.

If you are still confused to choose what to wear for a beach wedding, here we have picked a number of beach wedding attires for guests which are appropriate for casual or formal style. Enjoy and get your best look! 🙂

butterfly printed beach wedding guest attire

This beautifully printed butterfly long maxi dress with v-neck is pretty indeed to have on for beach wedding. Made of high quality material for best comfort.

beach black wedding guest attire with long split

For vintage and elegant style, this long maxi dress with v-neck is a great option. Simple and sexy!

long maxi floral beach wedding attire

A long floral printed maxi dress. It is very cute for a summer beach wedding attire. Come with bright colors; raspberry pink, turquoise green, bright banana yellow, royal blue, brown, and grey. It is great to combine with flat sandals or dressier higher healed sandals.

short a-line beach wedding attire

You’ll surely get in love with this chiffon summer dress. Designed a-line with belt, it will make you look classic. Very soft, make a great one for beach wedding attire. For a semi-formal beach wedding, it is very perfect. Available in other bright color choices like blue, dark green, navy blue, orange red, pink, purple, yellow, and white polka dots, it is a great dress for every occasion.

6 Cool Mens Linen Suit For Beach Wedding

Linen suits have the ability to make sweat away from the body. It is no wonder if they are frequently used to make beach attires for men. They are also frequently used to replace wool suits. Linen suits are very comfortable to wear in the hot days. There are many businessman, celebrities, and TV anchors who wear linen suits on the hottest days on Earth. For a man who are going to attend a beach wedding ceremony, a linen suit is what you have to wear. So, have you gotten your best mens linen suit for beach wedding?

If you are looking for a beach wedding linen suit for men but haven’t gotten the perfect one, here we have selected a number of men’s line suits for beach wedding. They are not only stylish and elegant but also much affordable.

mens linen suit for beach weddingFor a summer or spring beach wedding day, this navy blue men’s linen suit is perfect. Its price is $119.99.

mens linen suits for wedding on the beachThis linen jacket is very attractive and lightweight. Its fabric is a smooth mix of white and tan. This versatile jacket is great to pair with black, blue, or brown trousers or even jeans and a lot of different shirt colors. Its price is $129.99. Great quality for the price!

mens linen pants and shirt for beach weddingIf you like a simple style, this men’s casual white linen suit is a perfect choice. Easy to wear and very comfortable. Its is price is $64.90.

mens purple linen suit beach weddingAre you looking for a purple linen suit? This men’s purple linen suit for beach wedding is what you want. It looks amazing with two breast pockets and one ticket pocket.

mens white linen suit beach weddingIf you are looking for a mens white linen suit beach wedding, you’ll certainly love the linen suit above. This jacket is fully lined with 2 breast pockets and one ticket pocket.

men linen suit for beach weddingWant to look classic? The mens linen suit for beach wedding with black tie above is the style with classic look. The photo is a courtesy of Get Fashion Ideas.