Blue Fairytale Wedding Dress

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fairytale wedding dress_fairytale wedding gown_Cinderella wedding shoes

Have you ever thought any ideas to have a wedding day inspired by fairytale? In the wedding day you will wear a wedding dress and gown designed in accordance with the character in your favorite fairytale, princess Cinderella for instance. And your wedding concept such as the wedding site, wedding cake, and even the guest’s attires will imitate everything you find in Cinderella story. Well, I am convinced that your wedding moment will be very amazing, charming, and even shocking the audiences. And then you let your guests and friends to have in their mind the most unforgettable wedding invitation and party in their life since it is only you that possess such catching ideas.
I show you here a nice design of wedding dress inspired by one of fairy tales. I like the color of this outfit; blue metallic, a kind of cheerful color. It is very suitable to put on you having fairytale wedding ideas. Katrina Marie has designed this dress perfectly. And here I also let you imagine the wedding shoes that is used to be worn by Cinderella when attending evening party held by a prince in his magnificent palace; a glassy wedding shoes. It will be very proper and flawless as well to couple with the blue metallic wedding dress above. So, why don’t try to implement a fairytale wedding?

fairytale wedding dress_fairytale wedding gown_Cinderella wedding shoes

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