Long Evening Silk Gowns and Silk Formal Wear by Darius Cordell Couture Designs

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Where are you going to go now? To the evening wedding party. If so, you must prepare what you are going to wear perfectly. Choose the most appropriate evening wedding gown. And don’t forget to recognize what the concept of the party is. You don’t want to wear your attire improperly, do you? Ok, now check what you own.
I like the design of this silk wedding gown from Darius Cordell. The front of this garment has a high scoop neck but as you can see the back is the main feature with this very low dropped cowl design with chiffon falls dropping down the side.

silk wedding gown,evening gowns,wedding dress,ball gowns,pageant gown
Observe this stylish attire from Darius as well. This Darius Cordell couture gown has been done as a strapless evening dress or as shown here in this picture. it is one of Darius’ older designs but it still works and can be modified accordingly to fit each individual clients preferences. This gown was featured in our collection back in 1998 well before it was copied and used at miss America.
All Darius Cordell Designs can be made in any color, all fabric, any measurements and with any changes that a client may need.

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