Choose the Proper Wedding Shoes to Go Harmoniously with You

white wedding shoes Wedding shoes is another important item to prepare by a bride. Besides it should be beautiful and elegant, it must be also comfortable to wear. Wedding shoes, actually has its own story and history. It is usually connected to the symbol of faithful love. Do you still remember the legend of Cinderella? The glassy shoes itself has united her with her soul-mate, the handsome prince. Cinderella’s glassy shoes still becomes the inspirations by the shoes designers up to the present day. The Cinderella’s is simple but very elegant and luxurious.

The shoes design continuously develops following the fashion trend. It comes with numerous models and styles. You can choose high heel shoes or flat heel shoes with different color accents.

What about the materials? Leather shoes combined with lines or lace, crystals application, and classic or modern silhouette can be set with your personal taste. “Today, wedding shoes has been a personal fashion statement,” said Anna Pezik, a senior editor from That is why wedding shoe model keeps growing and developing. Anna also said that now the brides do not rely on the conventional model anymore. “The wedding shoes trend keeps following the trend of wedding gowns which become more modern. It is not only made from white satin. There are many brides choosing strappy sandals and slingbacks,” said Anna.

white wedding bridal shoes

Ruffled Pearlescent Wedding Shoes

With the various wedding shoes or sandal models, the brides sometimes get confused to choose the proper ones for them. So, you must be smart and selective when choosing the wedding shoes. If you have big legs, you must avoid wearing shoes with sling back since it will accentuate your ankle. You also have to avoid shoes with contrastive colors like red or yellow because it will make your legs look big and short. White wedding shoes or beige will go harmoniously with you. You can also choose pump shoes that will cover the area of your ankle. Stiletto will help to make your legs look longer.

Bridal Shoes Stiletto

Sexy Wedding Shoes Stiletto With Rhinestones Heel Silver

Choosing wedding shoes with sling back or strappy shoes will be very proper for those having big calves. It is better to avoid wearing pump shoes as it will make your legs look? drowned”. Wedding shoes with ribbon accents will be also helpful to create more balancing legs and calves image.

Wedding Shoes StilettoWedding Shoes Stilettos from Hot Fash Shoes – HILTON White

You can choose all kinds of wedding shoes. You just have to make it go harmoniously with the wedding gowns. However, try to wear high heel wedding shoes to make you look sexy and the use of crystals as its details will make it look glamorous.

Ruffled Pearlescent Wedding Shoes

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