The Meaning of a Pair of Wedding Rings

a pair of wedding rings
Try to remember the special day when you and your spouse promised to live together. Do you still remember when your spouse was pinning a ring on your ring finger? Hmm..did he smile? Looked embarrassed? Or an incident happened for a moment since the ring was difficult to wear or jammed in the middle of the ring finger? What is exactly the meaning of a wedding ring? The Dads are those who probably do not feel comfortable when wearing a ring. Do not believe it? Here are the explanations.

The Meaning of a Pair of Wedding Rings

Wedding ring is a symbol of the bond of love that applies throughout the period of time and universally applicable. A ring becomes the early sign of a relationship and explains the status of the wearer, as the wife and husband.

Its pointless round shape symbolizes an endless wedding. Uniquely again, a ring which is pinned in the ring finger as if it talks to someone else, “Hey, leave me! Now, I’ve already had a companion! ” A wedding ring grows a feeling ‘close’ with the couple even though separated by time and distance. It always reminds us of our couple.
a pair of wedding rings
Do not wear a wedding ring means not faithful?

Constantly wearing a ring is not a guarantee to avoid a temptation. The important thing is how the ring wearer try not to easily fall into the persuasion of others, who are not his or her couple. Thus, a wedding ring is not everything to maintain the marriage. Effort is still needed from each individual, both wife and husband in nurturing household. Psstt.. it may be necessary to create ‘a anti-affair wedding ring’, 🙂 ?

So, please be understood Moms or Dads if couples may feel  ‘allergic’  to wear a wedding ring.


A wedding ring should be used in the left hand ring finger, because the arteries flow from the tip of the left hand ring finger to the heart. In addition, the left hand is rarely used than right hand so that it will minimize the damage. Its size must fit. A narrow ring is a sign that the future of marriage will be filled with jealous or uncomfortable atmosphere. While the wide ring is a sign of the loose bond of a marriage that will address to get divorce.

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