The Rightest Wedding Shoes Choice for the Perfect Wedding Reception

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Last updated on July 3rd, 2013 at 10:42 pm

fun and funky wedding shoes
Are you looking for as trendy wedding shoes? The funky wedding shoes above can be your choice. To choose the right and proper wedding shoes, you need a good sense of fashion. The following shoes choice can be a guide to choose your appropriate wedding shoes.

closed slingback wedding shoes

This closed slingback shoes is very suitable to wear in all situations. But if the shoes will be worn in your wedding reception which is held outdoor in the hot weather, it is better to wear wedding shoes which will not cover your toes.

no-heeled wedding shoes

This no-heeled shoes will be very suitable to wear for outdoor weddings. Particularly, if the wedding party is in the park, you must consider not to wear a high heel wedding shoes since it will cause the heel to drown in the soil and make the shoes dirty.

elegant wedding shoes

This shiny crystal shoes will give a formal sense. If you are going to wear formal wedding dress or gown and your wedding party will be held in the church, this wedding shoes will of course be the best choice to wear.

shiny crystal wedding shoes

If your wedding gown is full of accessories and ornaments, you should avoid wearing wedding shoes with lots of ornaments. But if you are going to wear wedding shoes having a simple accent, the above wedding shoes with lost of pearls will look elegant to wear.

ornamental wedding shoes

If you like Girly style, the following shoes can be your choice. But if you are not confident with Girly style, do not try it though you really like it. Because I think you do not just want to look beautiful and elegant in the wedding day, but feel confident as well.

bridesmaid wedding shoes

If you use bridesmaids in your wedding party, you must consider to wear the similar shoes with your bridesmaids’. Of course you do not have to wear the same wedding shoes with your bridesmaids’, like wearing gown, try to find the consistence in style.

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