Wedding Cakes Trend in 2010

tower wedding cake trend 2010
Wedding is a special moment for everybody. It is a day when everybody will feel very happy and excited, not just the bride and groom getting married but also all people involved in this kind of special event. Everything must be so special. Wedding cakes as the inseparable part of a wedding get much attention as well from many people. Wedding cakes trend always changes from time to time. What is the wedding cakes trend in 2010?

wedding cake trend 2010 tower

Towering wedding cakes become the trend in this year. It is very different from the last year which positioned wedding cakes with maximum five to seven layers or tiers. Why the trend in 2010 turns to be the towering wedding cakes? Is it because many people are inspired by the development of towers construction in many countries? Of course, I am not sure of it. For you who have not enough budget to provide seven layers wedding cakes, you can go for artificial layers.

tower cake trend in 2010

Fondant cakes and butter cakes will be a nice ideas for you, but those depend on your preference and budget. Many grooms and brides are preferring to choose butter cream cakes since it is cost effective and more delightful. Fondant will give a beautiful and sweet outlook to the cakes, and it is mostly used in the cake frosting. It is different with butter cream which has tendency to melt fast and does not give the desired smoothness to the cake. However, a layer of fondant over butter cream will arrive in both an elegant outlook and delightful taste.

floral delight wedding cake

Dramatic colors become the trend colors of wedding cakes in 2010. You will get to see a lot of green, blues, and even orange colored wedding cakes in this year. In 2009, the trend of wedding cakes fell in edible painted cakes, and it will still continue in the year 2010. Get your cakes with this and spoil your tongue and eyes. For you who like something blue, be happy since your favorite color will be “in” in 2010 wedding cakes trend.

fondant wedding cake trend 2010
dramatic blue wedding cakes trend in 2010

An interesting fact in this year is that the matching of wedding cake with the bridesmaid and brides grooms dresses. It is very different from the last year which focused on the matching of cake color to the bride’s gown. Strawberries, black berries, peaches, mangoes and other fruits would be very popular to be filled with in the cakes since the nature becomes the theme of 2010 wedding cakes. People will like something more fresh and natural. In 2010, the cute ruffles will be seen in the trend of wedding cakes. If you are choosing for ruffled bridal dress, you could go for five or seven tiered cakes adorned with ruffles, laces, and rosettes. Bridal Guide will satisfy your hunger of wedding cakes trend ideas and inspirations.

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