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Are you going to hold your wedding ceremony? But you don’t know how your wedding event will be like. Probably you need the help of a wedding planner though sometimes it is not easy to find the appropriate wedding planner. For this you can ask your friends and beloved family for recommendation. How do you shop for a wedding planner? If you can gain a word-of-mouth referral, it is better than all of the advertisements and glowing referrals provided to you by the wedding planner. If you wanna know anyone having used the service of a wedding planner, you can find it in the phone book or the classified in the newspaper.

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You need to do an interview for all the wedding planner candidates when once you have a few of them who are potential. Your wedding day is very important and you are hiring them for it, so that you need to have confidence that they share your “vision” for your important and special moment. You can notice how they will act with the suggestions and ideas you have already had. How they will implement your ideas and inspirations. Are they hesitant about their ability to make your needs come true? It is a yellow flag, but notice why they possess concerns before you make a judgment. Once you have interviewed a few planners you are ready to make your decision and get to work. The fee asked by most wedding consultants would be around ten percent of the cost of the wedding. It is very standard and it is worth for the peaceful mind that it will give you.

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