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unique silver prom shoes
Probably most women who buy shoes just consider its model. As a result, their foot gets injured since they force it to wear. Another loss is that we do not want to wear it anymore because we feel it uncomfortable. It also means that we waste our money. Before you buy shoes, it is better to consider the following things.

exotic silver sexy rhinestone sandals shoes women

The model of the shoes. There are many models of shoes in the market, from high heel shoes to low high heel shoes. You must buy the shoes as you need. You must consider also the reasons why you buy the shoes. Is it for party, working, or other purposes. Each shoes is able to emerge its own impression and sometimes is not always proper with the dress or gown going to wear. You can choose “wedge” if you want to take a walk. Meanwhile, a sexy stiletto shoes will be very appropriate to wear for a party.

Another thing to consider is the heel of the shoes. Choose a shoes with a safe and comfortable heel that will not make you fall down. It is better not to wear a shoes with high heel when you are wearing it you must stand and walk in long time because this situation will make your foot get injured. And don’t only choose a shoes just because it has a nice and trendy model. The most important thing is the comfort of the shoes when we are wearing it. Take a look at these stunning prom shoes that may inspire you when buying shoes.

silver metallic prom shoes

This elegant shoe features a thick silver metallic strap over the open toe and a stylish adjustable ankle strap accented with crystal gems.
lava allegro-2186 gold Prom & Wedding Shoe
Allegro-2186 by Lava is a new strappy gold prom shoes. With a twisted t-strap covered in rhinestones, this gold shoe is perfect for the person needing a little extra bling to go with her special occasion gown.

high heel bronze wedding prom shoes
Brianna-2141by Lava is a sassy 3 1/2 inch bronze prom shoes with a rhinestone embellished t-strap. The full 3 1/2 inch heel could make these a little daunting for the girl who isn’t used to high heels! A beautiful bronze prom shoe or even great for bridesmaids or the bride!


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