Outdoor Wedding Decoration Tips

outdoor wedding decoration design
Determining the outdoor wedding decor is a bit complicated and it requires many considerations such as weather, lighting, sound etc. However, if it is successful, not only your heart which is relieved but seeing the happy faces of the guests is an sincere expression which appreciates the efforts and sacrifices that you have prepared for the feast. Here are some practical tips for outdoor decoration settings (home) that you can follow.

lamp wedding centerpiece with orchids

If you want to invite more people and hold a fancy wedding, then you should start preparing it early. There are many things that must be done. Cutting the grass, beautifying your garden by planting flowers with different colors so that their beauty blooming can be seen on the D-day. And do not forget to provide also a special place that can be used to take pictures.

outdoor wedding decoration in a garden
Beware of bugs! Insects are one of the main problems in running your outdoor party. Do not let your guests suffer from them. You can contact the officers of insect spraying and do an immediate response. Because if you do it too close to the D-day, there will be the possibility of insect’s poison which is still left there. Do not forget to make sure that there are no decorations using stagnant water such as fountains, containers of decorative plants containing of water and so on. It is since in such places, the mosquitoes usually nest. Provide plugs for electrical equipments. Make sure that there is a place for electrical plugs for the lights, microphones, speakers, DJ and etc. Although the party is done by the concept of an outdoor party, electricity remains an important factor.

outdoor wedding decorations cage
A week before the D-day, you can hang the ornaments on your trees and do not forget to use the colorful lights. Enjoy the sunset reflected from these lights that can create a romantic and magical atmosphere. You will feel holding a wedding ceremony and reception in a fairy tale. String of lights can be hung on the branches and trees. Make sure the cord will not make the guests get slipped or stumbled.

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