Tradition of Storing the Top Tier of a Wedding Cake

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During the consultation with the wedding cake makers, there are some important things to consider, one of which is the desired number of servings of the cake. There is one thing that becomes a tradition for the wedding of the westerners. It is storing the top level wedding cake. The tradition of storing the top tier of a wedding cake that had been started so long ago in England, when the wedding cake with many tiers made of fruitcake which was soaked in wine or rich brandy. This cake was preserved well with liquor and fruits in the cake, and usually served to guests at the baptizing ceremony of the first child. The cake functioned as the birth controlling and represented life style at that time, this blessing was often conducted in a year of marriage.

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Now, the modern wedding cake is very rarely made of fruitcake, and many couples plan to extend their honeymoon more than one year from the date of their marriage. Therefore, if they want to store the top tier of the wedding cake, it must be very well wrapped and frozen up to three months. The cake can be thawed (slowly in the refrigerator), and distributed when celebrating one month of marriage, the family member’s birthday, or an event such as friendly gatherings.

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However, storing the top tier of a wedding cake that will not be served in the wedding also adds the cost of the wedding cake. Talking about cost, it is not entirely necessary to have an appropriate number of servings by the number of guests.  Some people may not have a good mood to eat the cake if there are many other desserts served in the wedding party. If you feel worried about the growing number of guests, or the amount of the existing cake, a little backup can be ordered within two weeks from the date of marriage.

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