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wedding colors
As one of the first wedding decor decisions you need to make wedding colors perfectly. Your wedding colors will set the tone for your big event. Find your palette from cherry and lime or mango and aqua and get your inspirations to perfect your wedding colors. To find the perfect one, you must start by determining your wedding style since the vibe you choose will have a lot to do with the wedding colors you select.

fall wedding colorsfall wedding colors

If you like bold and modern looks, wedding color combo for bright colors such as aqua and chartreuse is the precise idea. You can also choose an over-sized pattern in black and white for your wedding motif and pair it with one signature color. Wedding colors like gold with pale pink or navy blue with silver accents are the perfect choice for you who prefer traditional wedding styles.

blue wedding colorsblue wedding colors

pink wedding colors
pink wedding colors

wedding colors purple

wedding colors purple

If you have already had a general idea of what colors you want, it is about time to figure out the perfect accent color. Pairing tangerine with aqua or sienna with a deep red can be done if you are obsessed with bright orange. You can enrich your idea of a blue wedding with navy and gold or baby blue and chocolate. Here are some wedding colors for your ideas and inspirations.

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