Christmas Wedding Decorations

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Christmas is going to come soon. It is a festive occasion when family and friends get together and share each other. It is a time in which everything is decorated in Christmas. Stores fronts and homes are decorated in Christmas finery. Holiday excitement is in the air. With this in mind, what better time is there to get married than during the Christmas holiday season?

christmas wedding decorationsChristmas wedding decorations

christmas wedding churchChristmas wedding church

If you are planning a Christmas-time wedding, a wedding planner or caterer are able to help you handle all of the ornaments details. However, decorating for Christmas is actually something that you can do by yourself. So, what must be prepared for it? Holiday decorations are readily available and they come in an inexpensive price. You can use poinsettias that will make lovely Christmas wedding decorations for the church.

wedding christmas treewedding Christmas tree

red christmas poinsettiasred Christmas poinsettias

Then, you can line the aisle with pots of red and white poinsettias and also place several of them at the altar. You can also use fresh greens instead of aisle bows and ribbons. A big red bow is able to make the entrance pew. You can wrap the fresh greens around the pillars and drape over railings and balconies. You can apply small white holiday lights and candles for a merry and elegant display. Just remember not to place candles next to fresh greens or any other flammable d├ęcor.

red and white christmas poinsettiasred and white Christmas poinsettias

christmas wedding ornamentsChristmas wedding ornaments

You can treat the reception hall much in the same manner. Installing a lighted Christmas tree or two will make an elegant focal point for the room. And the ornaments can follow the theme or color scheme of your wedding.

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