For reception desserts, roses and lilies are some of the most traditional floral options used. However, there are still some other beautiful flowers like sun flowers that can be used. A sunflower wedding cake cannot be beat for its pure brightness, charm and beauty.

sunflowers wedding cakes picture sunflowers wedding cakes picture

sunflower wedding cake sunflower wedding cake

It would be very appropriate to use in the warm summer months but of course a sunflower wedding cake is still good to use at other times of the year. Before you rush out to the nearest bakery that you can find, you must give the aesthetics of your cake some thought. The most important part will be the sunflowers, and you have several options to consider with how they’ll appear on the cake. You can have fresh flowers, edible frosting flowers, or inedible flowers; each will lend a slightly different look to the finished dessert.

unique sunflowers wedding cake unique sunflowers wedding cake

simple delightful sunflower wedding cake simple delightful sunflower wedding cake

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