Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Last updated on March 15th, 2015 at 09:44 pm

Wedding decorations are generally decorated by the fabrics and beautiful flowers. And here are some interesting ideas that may inspire your wedding.

two love birds wedding confettitwo love birds wedding confetti

Confetti is not just the leaves or petals which are spread to adorn the floor or the tables. You can also use pieces of confetti in the form of paper or paper towels. With the paper you can make or form it to be a heart, stars or initials of the bride. Confetti will not cost too much so that it can save your wedding budget. Flowers are always presented at the wedding. Their colors, forms and fragrance are always able to make a “wow” people who see them. Not just function as the decoration, flowers can also function as a corsage flower and a wedding gift as well.

wedding balloonswedding balloons

Now, the balloon is not only used to decorate a child birthday party, but it can also make a wedding to be beautiful. You can choose pastel balloons or even balloons with bright colors, provided that they do not hit each other. For you who want a minimalist wedding decoration, balloons may be the right idea.

You can ask for the opinion of those who organize wedding decorations, if you want confetti, flowers, balloons, or even all of these items in your wedding. Or you can describe how the wedding decorations that you want, and ask decor vendors to “finalize” and make it happen.

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