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Last updated on August 28th, 2016 at 08:57 am

bridal shower gifts

Certainly, the major occasion at a bridal shower is when the bride opens up her gifts, but where do you begin to facilitate the guests make a decision on what to get, and to ensure they’re items the bride will actually enjoy? The easiest approach to make simpler the gift selection process is to set up a specific bridal shower registry or to get guests to buy items from the bride and groom’s wedding registry.

But for a more creative approach that’s still simple and fun for all involved, endeavor choosing a specific category of bridal presents, such as lingerie, bake ware or relaxation & spa products. You can always talk to the bride and ask her what type of stuff she thinks she will necessitate the most. Another neat bridal shower gift idea is to have each of the guests carry a photo or special memento they have shared with the bride, plus scrapbooking materials, to give her a personalized gift that she will always cherish.

This is also a real cool idea – how about making some personalized candles for the bride and groom to burn at each major milestone of their marriage? And for the funky and fashionable bride, think about getting bridal shower attendees to pay money for vintage gifts and accessories from specific decades that she likes, such as vintage lipstick holders or perfume atomizers, or fun ’50s diner furniture.

If the guest of honor is big on being environmentally friendly and doesn’t mind pre-loved items, this is also a great way to go green if you have some heirloom items in excellent condition. Another green wedding gift idea? Get the bride some gardening tools to assist her start off her very own vegetable, herb or flower patch as it’s a gift that will last a lifetime! Seeds, composters, tool sets, watering cans are all great ideas for this type of present.

bridal shower gift ideas

You can also give towels, linens and other bathroom items which are an essential for any home, as everyone can do with a nice relaxing bath or shower at the end of the day. And also everybody appreciates a good night’s sleep, so you can give the happy couple sweet dreams with a number of comfy sheets, duvet covers or pillows. The majority of people recognize that the higher the thread count for cotton sheets, the softer and finer they are. Nevertheless, remember that some but not all extremely high thread counts of over 500 might be inflated. So keep in mind that standard cotton thread counts are around 150, while good-quality sheets start at 180 and a count of 200 or higher is regarded to be the best. Find more ideas and information on bridal shower gifts.

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