Best Wedding Aisle Runner Burlap And How to Shop

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A Wedding means that a lot of details have to be taken care of. From the venue, the food, the guest list, the wine, the shopping, the wedding dress and shoes, the list goes on and on. And as far as the decorations of the venue are concerned, every bride dreams of having a fairytale wedding. Favors, drapes, the venue furniture, chandeliers etc everything has to be matched according to the theme. And amidst the decorations, one of the most important and highlighted feature is the wedding aisle.

The wedding aisle is the space that is the area between the door and the altar, where the bride enters the church walking with her father and takes the vow. That area has to be covered with a runner, and when it comes to choosing the perfect runner, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind.

Aisle Runner for the Chapel – If you are having a traditional wedding inside the chapel or church, then you can use a regular white runner, embossed with small prints and floral patterns. The runner should go exactly up to the altar and tied or pinned in place firmly. There should be no edges on which the guests or the bride would be likely to trip.

Beach Wedding Aisle Runners – If you are having a beach wedding, then you can really play around with the runner. Choose something in pale blue, in keeping with the mood of the sea, or one with shell prints. You could also gather shells of different sizes and lay them at the sides through the entire length of the runner. You can also choose one in bright colors, since a tropical, beach wedding is sunny and warm and the vibrancy will add to the celebrations.

Personalized Aisle Runners – If you are having a theme based ceremony then it is likely that the decorations will have to be coordinated and you might even want to add a personal touch. So order a runner that would have the initials of the couples lightly embossed on them, or maybe a poem that the groom had written to the wife. This would add a very intimate touch to the ceremony and your bride will love you for it.

Outdoor Wedding Aisle Runners – If you have an outdoor ceremony, like in a garden or a cruise ship, then buy a runner with a sturdy material like polyester, instead of delicate linen or paper, more suitable for indoor ceremonies. This is because it is most likely to be subject to a lot more walking and tramping, and you would not want it to look smudged and tattered.

Choose the runners according to your budget. There is a wide variety to choose from and with good planning, you can blend it seamlessly with the other decoration. {}

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