Cute 60Th Wedding Anniversary Cake Designs

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60th wedding anniversary cake designs

For you who are looking for ideas of cake designs for 60th wedding anniversary, here we have gathered a number cute and elegant 60th wedding anniversary cake designs for your inspiration. The cakes look simple but sure they’ll be loved by you and your lovely soulmate.

The cake above is simple, though it looks pretty with flower decoration. Image credit of Cheap Wedding Cake For The Holiday.

60th wedding anniversary cake design

You can actually write your names on the cake. Make it more personalized. Like this cake. It is pretty, isn’t it? Fruit or mud cake is handmade. It is nice with sugar rose or leaf arrangements and scattered “diamonds” . Ribbon is used around sides of cake. This wedding cake anniversary inspiration is from Sargent’s Cakes.

Well, may you get inspired with these two cake designs for celebrating your 60th wedding anniversary.


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