Pretty and Delicious Camo Wedding Cakes

Last updated on April 19th, 2017 at 09:13 am

If you are going to have a camouflage wedding theme, besides your camouflage wedding dresses, a camo wedding cake is an item that must be available in your wedding. With the perfect choice of wedding cake, your wedding day will amaze anyone attending your special moment. Camo wedding cakes come in a number of choices. You may opt for the one with or without a topper.

A camo wedding cake also comes in some colors. Orange, blue, yellow and green are among the most popular colors people usually take. If you are going to order the cake, you’ll have a chance to get a custom cake which means that you can implement your unique ideas on the cake. The result is that you will have a very unique camo wedding cake.

If you only purchase the cake, you won’t have an opportunity to make the cake like what you want. Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful and wonderful camouflage wedding cakes to choose from. The following camo cakes for wedding are not only pretty, they look very delicious as well.

camo wedding cakes

Look at the first cake above. It is a white, orange real tree camo wedding cake with a funny cake topper. ♣ Photo of Pinterest

camo wedding cake

A camo wedding cake with floral cake topper. ♣ Photo of Pinterest

military camo wedding cake

A military camo wedding cake with a female hunter cake topper. ♣ Photo of Pinterest

orange mossy oak camo wedding cake

An orange mossy oak camo wedding cake with roses. ♣ Photo of Pinterest

half green camo wedding cake

A half green and white camo wedding cake. ♣ Photo of Pinterest

Castle Fountain Wedding Cake

wedding cakes_cake_castle wedding cake_wedding cake desing

Wedding cakes are not be able to be forgot from a wedding. The existence gives a nice outlook to a wedding. That is why lots of people try to arrive the best design of their wedding cakes. Castle fountain wedding cake by Manassas Cakery is one of my favorite beautiful wedding cakes. The cake is displayed over fountain with stairways on each side to connect them as a union. Butter-cream iced is used for its decoration. Read More

Rich and Tasteful Wedding Cakes for the Big Day

wedding cakes_fruit cake

A friend of mine, Judy wants me to find her a nice wedding cake design. She is going to hold her wedding ceremony and wedding party in the next few days. I said,” It’s my pleasure to help you”. Later, I searched on the internet and got some of these pretty, creative, and absolutely delicious as well. She looked very satisfied and grateful to see this pretty Lily wedding cake. I also showed her other samples of stunning wedding cakes. Read More

Square Wedding Cakes

square wedding cake

For an eye-catching end of your wedding, you can present square wedding cakes. The square wedding cakes can be anything from the traditional to trendy ones. It is a general fact that the majority of traditional wedding cakes come in either round or square cakes which are stacked and frosted in white or ivory frosting. And it is not surprising if there are a lot of brides who opt for a traditional stacked display and they decorate theirs with confectionery accents and real silk flowers in hues which match or complement their wedding colors. One of some advantages of square wedding cakes you may find is that these cakes may generate more savings than a round cake of the same size.

traditional square wedding cake
square wedding cake with flowers
large square and round wedding cake
square white wedding cakes
square white orange wedding cake

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