Wedding Flower Girl Gifts and Ideas

The bride and groom are not the only persons who receive gifts in their wedding day. Of course, most of them are. There are some others who deserve to get gifts as well. It would be very nice to give a little back to the little people who have assisted you make your big day possible and special.

flower girl gifts ideas flower girl silver heart locket, ring and stud rhinestone

unique flower girl totes gift setunique flower girl totes gift set

Bridal party gifts are given in the spirit of appreciation. In the meantime, wedding presents are given in the spirit of celebration. For all the people who have participated for the success of your wedding – particularly your little angels or the kids who have worked hard to help making your wedding extra Read More

Flower Girls as the Symbol of Purity and Virginity

Have ever you seen the flower girls in a wedding? They are beautiful and cute, aren’t they? A flower girl is a young girl carrying some flowers in a procession. Technically flower girls can appear in a various processions and events. But most people associate flower girls specifically with weddings. At times, they can also be seen at parades to honor regional beauty queens or other community celebrities.

cute flower girls with beautiful dressescute flower girls with light pink beautiful sleeveless dresses

a little flower girl with pink dresses and rosesa little cute flower girl with pink dress and red roses

Flower girls and young women are regarded as the symbols of purity, virginity and youth. They have been used in processions for centuries. The girls who become the flower girls are usually under 10. This little girl is meant to symbolize childhood and youth. In the case of wedding, a wedding flower girl will walk ahead of the bride. In a wedding, the flower girls usually wear white dresses to accentuate their youth. Read More

Going Unforgettable with Butterfly Wedding Theme

Having a butterfly wedding theme will give you an unforgettable wedding experience. You will have a wedding atmosphere in which everything and your friends and guests are completely in butterflies theme from the dresses, accessories, cakes, decorations, hairstyles and more. There will be just the cheerful flying butterflies going here and there around you. The smiling guests who enjoy the wedding party and always smile at you would create an unstoppable happiness in your wedding day.

white butterfly wedding invitationsbutterfly wedding invitations with a unique design

pink butterfly wedding invitation cardsbutterfly wedding invitation cards

You can start from having the butterfly theme worked into your ceremony decorations and accessories. You can create wedding invitation cards and programs with butterflies printed on the front cover of them. You can also use a unity candle having butterflies incorporated into the large middle pillar. Fabric butteries can be wired into virtually any floral arrangement. They include pew decorations, candelabra arrangements, altar swags Read More

Butterfly Wedding Theme for Unique and Memorable Wedding Day

You will have a unique and memorable wedding day by having a butterfly wedding theme. This cheerful kind of wedding theme will be a very perfect idea for the brides who are going to hold their wedding day in the summer or spring.

unique and memorable butterfly wedding themeunique and memorable butterfly wedding theme

Keeping the looks light and colorful is very recommended for this wedding theme. It must be done for keeping the bridal party looking fresh and springy. It is also important to choose pastel or bright colors for the bridesmaids dresses if you are going to have your wedding based on all kinds of butterflies. And you must choose a certain kind of butterfly over others (like a Monarch), after that choosing colors based on that (shades of orange and black).

butterfly wedding dresses themebutterfly wedding dresses theme

blue and white butterfly bridesmaids dressesbutterfly bridesmaids dresses

You can choose the accent colors on bridal gowns with light sparkles or sash or ribbon to complement the wedding colors. To give a beautiful touch to the bridal hairstyle, you can go with tiaras with rhinestone butterflies. Jewelry for the bride and bridesmaids will also go stunningly and harmoniously for a butterfly wedding theme. Pendant necklace, hair clips, charm bracelets and stud earrings or dangles with Read More