Styles of Wedding Dress Bodices

Wedding dress comes with many bodices. Each bodice has its own characteristic and form. When buying wedding dress you have to make sure that you choose the rightest bodice so that you will feel comfortable when wearing your dress. Take a look at this rough guide to several of the most ordinary bodice styles.

wedding dress with corset bodice wedding dress with corset bodice

Corset bodice is a tight boned bodice. It is really figure-hugging and great at increasing your waist and bust. This bodice style laces up at the back and it can be a pretty detail in itself. What to be remembered is not to pull the laces too tight as it will hurt your back.

wedding dress with insert bodice wedding dress with insert bodice

Insert bodice is basically just a piece of material sitting in a deep V in the neckline, though it can be put into side panels as well. The fabric of insert bodice often comes in a constrasting texture to the main bodice but not always. Read More