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Are you brides and grooms looking for ideas how to make and design your wedding card invitation? By having nice and attractive wedding card invitation will really attract the people you invite to come to your wedding ceremony or reception. But sometimes we don’t have enough time to design our own wedding card. If it happens to you, whether you wish or not you must ask a designer to design it for you. Today, the making of wedding cards are digitally printed. The reason is that it will save time and energy, become more accurate, and particularly produce in a mass. But sometimes printing an invitation comes with its own problems such as spelling errors, different color shades used and false fonts. Those wrongdoings become unforgivable. If so, here are some tips to consider before you print your cards to give the best result for you.

  • Check the Drafts
  • Borrow another or two more pairs of eyes if you must but do ensure you check all parts of the invitation to be printed, including any inserts, menu cards, response cards or programs before you send it to the printers. When your printers revert with the final draft, do ensure you check it through again for any spelling errors, mistakes or color changes before giving them the thumbs-up to proceed with the final printing.

  • Specify Colors and Fonts
  • When choosing the colours and fonts for your invite, be specific on the details you want. Don’t just opt for blue or red as these come in many variations and shades. Sit with your designer to pick out the exact colour and fonts you want from their range available and if possible, provide them with the exact color and font code. That way, there is little room for error.

  • Invitations For Separate Wedding Events
  • If you are having more than one wedding event, e.g. a small reception after your ceremony followed by a big dinner, decide if you are inviting all your guests for both or if you are planning to split them between events. If you are inviting all guests for both, one wedding invitation with details of both events printed on it will suffice. However, if you are inviting some to the ceremony and not to the dinner or vice verse, you will have to print two separate sets of wedding cards. Be careful when sending them out to avoid unpleasant mix-ups!
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  • How Many Wedding Invitations To Order?
  • As a rule of thumb, always order more wedding invitations and envelopes than your guest list. Mistakes when filling out the invitation cards or envelopes are inevitable so do always have some extras on hand to ensure you have enough invitations for all your guests.

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