4 Blown Glass Pens for Unique Wedding Favors

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Take a look at this stuff if you are getting confused of deciding on what you will give to your best friends going to get married as the wedding favors or gifts. These blown glass pens would be a unique favor for them. Stare at the design of these stuffs; very funny and creative. Romantic and whimsical, these blown glass pens are lovely to behold and perfectly practical too. Versatile ballpoint pens are encased in beautiful blown glass, colorful with hand painted details. The curvy designs provide an ergonomic feel. They make wonderful gifts for bridesmaids, enchanting wedding favors and brilliant corporate gifts. If you wanna more about these gorgeous products, check them out here.
And you may consider the other wedding favors ideas. You will also like the following blown glass pens.

blue blown glass penBlue blown glass pen – Available at Amazon

hand painted unique holiday blown glass pen
cheap blown glass pens
To know the details of these beautiful blown glass pens, you can visit Beau Coup.


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