Bucharest National Bank of Romania – Reception Hall (New Wing, 1930s)

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What wedding reception site do you want to have? Will you hold your wedding reception at a hotel, in the beach, or in your own house? Wherever you hold your wedding reception, hopefully everything will run very well and be an unforgettable moment. This place, Bucharest National Bank of Romania, may inspire you to have the best wedding reception.

Bucharest National Bank of Romania

Courtesy of Bucharest Travel

The old palace of the National Bank of Romania was erected before 1900. Soon it became clear that an extension was needed behind the old building. A new wing was planned in 1937 and it was connected to the old wing. With the façade on Doamnei Street, the new wing of the NBR Palace was built during World War II, after having laid the foundation stone back in 1937.

The construction works carried on between 1942-44 under the direction of architect Ion Davidescu assisted by two other architects, Radu Dudescu and N. Cretoiu. The building is emblematic of the neo-classical style with rationalist influences that prevailed in the inter-bellum period.

It impresses by the monumental granite stairs, the huge Corinthian columns forming the façade, and the large, white marble-coated halls such as the one above.