Finest Wedding Rings in Gold and Platinum

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Wedding ring tradition has been lasting since centuries ago. No certain record mentioned when a ring is used in a wedding for the first time. Some literature stated that many couples in Rome wore simple metal plate as a sign of the bond.A ring is the bond symbol of everlasting love and stand universally. It is the first sign of a relationship and represents the status of the user.

A ring on the left ring finger says: hey leave alone, I’m with somebody. A ring is regarded as a symbol of love and belief designating a relationship between a man and woman. It is sometimes dedicated before the wedding day usually known as engagement ring or given in the wedding day called as wedding ring. Wedding ring comes in various models and materials. Wedding ring made from gold or platinum is the most popular one.

The standard ring lust level usually used is 18-carat gold. The 24 carat pure gold is not too proper to create as a wedding ring since its soft metal characteristic which will changes easily because of the daily use. Another one is the silvery-white platinum with classic style which is valued by its level of alloy content such as iridium and ruthenium. The platinum ring is more expensive than the gold one.

The wedding ring design is generally simple. Many couples prefer to choose a ring with plain design since it is more practical for the daily use. If they want to make it more special, it is usually styled with pearl or diamond. Have a look at these finest selection of wedding rings.

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Bien diamond gold wedding ring
Bien diamond platinum wedding ring 2
Bien diamond platinum wedding ring

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