Flower Bouquets from Brithdays to Wedding Parties

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silk flower bouquets

A flower bouquet is a creative arrangement of collected flowers. It comes in different kinds such as nosegay, crescent, and cascading bouquets. Birthdays or anniversaries are some special events that flower bouquets are frequently used.

We also find them extensively used in weddings. Traditionally the bride will hold the bouquet, and the Maid of Honor, usually the best friend of a bride who leads her bridal party will hold it during the wedding ceremony.

The bride will toss it over her shoulder after the wedding, and whoever catches the bouquet is believed to be the next line to be married. The Golden Apple of Discord myth may be related to this practice. Flower bouquets, before being used by brides in wedding, were used in different form of art such in paintings and on pottery as decorations in the seventeenth century and possibly earlier.

In years past, as a matter of tradition, an upper class bride was required to hold a bouquet of roses or flowers as she walked down the aisle to prevent body odor from spreading and to drive away evil spirits. Wedding bouquets arrive in lots of kinds of flowers such as dendrobium orchids, lisenthus, roses, stephonotis with lavender pearls, gardenias, and many more.

white flower bouquets

These wedding bouquets are arranged beautifully from silk flowers.

purple flower bouquets

Green and purple dendrobium orchids, vandella roses, stephonotis with green pearls, Queen Ann’s lace, and bear grass are beautifully arranged in these wedding bouquets.

green flower bouquets

White stargazer lilies, lavender roses, purple and green dendrobium orchids, stephonotis, and star asparagus wedding bouquets.

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