How to Choose the Right Wedding Dresses

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To choose the wedding dress to wear in the wedding day from the wedding blog or wedding book is the main priority for every wedding bride. It is normal because a bride wants to look beautiful, elegant, and of course she will be the center attention from the guests. The question is how to choose the right wedding dress which is suitable with your wish. Here are some suggestions to consider:

Strapless Wedding Dresses

Wedding Concept

When planning a marriage, a bride and groom must have decided on what wedding concept will be implemented; using
wedding bands, wedding bells, or not (indoor or outdoor). And of course they have also chosen the wedding reception
site. According to a wedding dress designer, Chenny Han, a bride who chooses a very long outdoor train theme or a  gown with lots of accessories is better to choose a gown having “A” silhouette so that she can move free. Choosing a simple gown in less details is very recommended. Chenny also said, besides the wedding location, the wedding theme still becomes the main consideration. “Are you going to choose Asian look, Western or traditional?”

elegant wedding dressesCharacteristic

By wearing a gown matching with the characteristic of a bride, she will feel comfortable and of course will enhance her confidence in front of the guests and shine her beauty aura. So, it is very important to reveal your own character to the bridal designer. Are you tomboy, girly, feminine,or cool? It is also very important to match the gown with your body.

purple wedding dresses
red wedding dresses

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