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Pretty Lily for Wedding Bouquet

Everybody will feel quite fresh when attending a wedding reception and they see the wedding site is decorated with lots of kinds of flowers. They may feel that they are in somewhere surrounded by the fragrant and beautiful flowers. Certainly they would really enjoy being there. From many kinds of flower, lily is often used as a wedding bouquet. It is sometimes also applied to decorate and adorn the wedding reception place.

Lily is the May Birth flower. A summer flowering plant, lilies are large, fragrant showy flowers with six petals that may come in different colors such as: white, yellow, reds and sometimes have markings. Lilies are native to the northern temperate regions. The flower symbolizes: beauty, sweetness, humility, purity and chastity. Tiger lily represents wealth and pride. It is a perfect sort of flower to be in your wedding day.

Elegant Lily for Wedding Flower

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