Wedding Dress in Facing the Global Warming

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bride with stunning silk wedding dress

Recently, the global warming has been a crucial issue. Every nation tries to reduce their emission to slow down the global warming. We realize or not, it will probably influence our fashion. The wedding dress, for example will be influenced by the global warming. It happens particularly in the countries having four seasons in which wedding dress becomes the main attention of the bride and groom. The wedding dress is designed in accordance with the increasing temperature, humidity, and unstable climate. To get its comfort, trend may not be the main consideration.

According to Nina Duong, a wedding designer said that her customers usually consider the factor of high temperature and humidity when choosing wedding dresses for their special day. A bride often buys two wedding dresses for her wedding. The first gown is worn in the wedding ceremony and shooting session. And the second gown is worn for the wedding reception. The first wedding gown is usually not as luxurious as the first one but it still maintains its beauty. The comfort still becomes the main factor.

In connection with the high temperature and humidity, Nina Duong suggests choosing the wedding dress which is able to minimize the sweat production. Silk or satin will be the most suitable material for making such wedding dress.

Long Silk Wedding Dress
Designer Pure Natural Silk Wedding Corset Gown
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satin wedding dress design

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