Wedding Dresses Silhouette Going Harmoniously With the Body

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When the elegance plays the main role in a wedding day, the rightest choice of wedding dress becomes a must. The wedding dress must be able to show off the excellence of your figure and obscure or minimize its weakness. The main consideration of yours falls into the size and shape of the body. Here are four kinds of silhouette usually chosen by the brides:
sheath wedding dresses

Wedding gown with this type of silhouette looks like the gowns of the goddesses in classic period. This silhouette has a waist line just below the breast accentuating the curve of the breast and shoulder. The silhouette is very suitable for those who have big belly and full waist. If your waist-line height is less proportional, having long body with short legs or vice verse, this silhouette is very proper to wear. Empire will also work very well if you want to accentuate your breast. The waist-line coming just below the breast will really give a focus on the upper body curve. If you have extra size of breast, you should avoid wearing this type of silhouette.

empire wedding dresses

This type has the full volume skirt which creates a luxurious silhouette. This gown will remain having luxurious outlook though it comes with simple design and detail. This dress is suitable if you have a slim waist, and its full volume skirt will deeply accentuate your slim waist. And if you have a large body with short legs, it is better to avoid wearing this silhouette because it will just make your body look fuller and of course your legs become shorter.

white sheath wedding dresses

Sheath or slim silhouette is liked by the brides wishing to have modern outlook. With slim body and beautiful curve like hour-glass body, this silhouette will really work on it. For those having boyish body with less curve on the waist are better to avoid using this silhouette.

mermaid wedding dresses

Mermaid is the further design of sheath. It is very slim in the belly and waist then becomes wider from the knee to the bottom. If you have a slim waist, long legs, and tiny body, it will go harmoniously with you. On the other hand, for you having pear shape body, it is recommended not to use this silhouette.

A good design of wedding dress is a design that is able to obscure one’s body weakness and accentuate the excellence. The helpful way to get the best design is by consulting with a fashion consultant that you can find in the bridal house.

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