Be Differently Beautiful with Elegant Classic Wedding Dresses

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white embroidered classic wedding dress

Marriage is a historical moment for all lovers. And certainly there are lots of things to be prepared so that a wedding day will run perfectly. One of them is choosing the dream wedding dresses. The wearer characteristic will really influence the wedding gown style that will be chosen. Talking about style, bridal gown has its own style. Besides its characteristic, the materials used also show the aesthetic of the wearer. Lace and silk often become the main choice in the past era. The sparkling lace looks perfectly with the blend of silk. This style is known as the classic wedding dress.

classic white lace and silk wedding dress
classic wedding dress
In 1975, the wedding gown was rich of lace and silk touch. Two color tones long gown with tube model by Adolfo Sardia was very popular then. The top of this dress is sprinkled with sequins so that it is very nice paired with pink silk. Its fitting cut in the body will make you look slimmer.

Greek gown made from silk released 1955 is still popular now. This work from well-known wedding dress designer, Salmi, is rich with charming Greek culture. This gown looks like the gown of Greek goddesses. Another characteristic is the use of black line dividing the chest and surrounding the waist.

Oscar de la Renta dress mentioned his work as a Totally Sex and the City. The 1980s gown style is a mix of thick and thin silk as a continuation. The most unique part is the pile of three laces at the hip. It seems that they bring together a short tube with a expanding skirt. The soft pink makes the Oscar dress look more classy.

Cinderella Fantasy from Dior may become a choice to try. Released in 1950s, this design is very simple but it sparkles the aura of fairy tale princess. The A-line soft silk covered with furing material makes it very elegant. This white wedding dress becomes more perfect with shining flowers as the detail on the top.

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