Charm your Guests with a Unique and Pretty Wedding Invitation Card

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red wedding invitation card

One of way to show the theme of our wedding is by sending a contemporary invitation created uniquely to our guests. A unique invitation is able to make our wedding day more interesting. Marriage is a big day which is hoped to happen once in the lifetime. The couple must want their wedding day to be an unforgettable and unique moment and different from other. To have a unique and modern wedding, creating a unique wedding invitation is necessarily needed. And there are lots of wedding equipment shops providing uniquely made various wedding invitations with different prices as well.

It is believed that a wedding invitation card is able to show the wedding theme and give an image that will never be forgotten by those receiving it. That is why it is essential to plan making it. And here are some ideas to make a unique wedding invitation card.
fancy fold wedding invitation card
Fancy Fold Card

It is one of contemporary and unique wedding invitation card consisting three folds with an attractive emboss design on it. It is also adorned with a red satin ribbon behind it. You can also display your photo here. Fancy Fold Card comes with some types such as multiple folds, die cuts, and simple folds.
Jacket Style Card
Jacket Style Card

This kind of wedding invitation card is designed complicatedly with a folded cover called jacket. This jacket keeps the card closed and there is a ribbon on it so that you can bind the jacket with it.
Bow Tied Card
Bow Tied Card

It is a contemporary unique wedding invitation card which looks like a gift. One of its styles is in the form of roll tied up with a satin ribbon. Another style is by sticking the ribbon on the roll and tie with it. Bow Tie Card is expensive enough but it is very unique and interesting.

A contemporary unique wedding invitation card will reflect the taste and style of a couple. Make sure to use qualified materials to make it. There is one another unique way to send your wedding invitation that can save your money, you can sent it via e-mail : )

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