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white knee-length bridesmaid dresses

White Knee-length Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid tradition existed since the Ancient Roman. It was intended to avoid the brides from the evil influence of the Satan. In modern era, the function of the bridesmaids does not function as the exorcist anymore but the bridesmaid girls are supposed to be able to give spirit and confidence of the brides. Recently, the outlook of bridesmaids have been the focus of the wedding dress designers. They pay more attention to the dresses, hairstyles, and make-up of the bridesmaids. To make a harmonious accent between the dresses of the brides and bridesmaids, there are several things to do.

single shoulder pleated evening bridesmaid pink dressSingle Shoulder Pleated Evening Bridesmaid Pink Dress

Single Shoulder Pleated Evening Bridesmaid Light Blue DressSingle Shoulder Pleated Evening Bridesmaid Light Blue Dress

For formal wedding, the color and style of the bridesmaid dresses should be the same with the bride’s. Choose the simple dresses model because every person has a different shape. For semi-formal wedding, we can choose the wedding dress model of the bridesmaid that has the same model with the bride’s, but they must have different colors. It will be very elegant and charming if the light blue or light pink becomes the bridesmaid dresses. On the other side, the bride is hoped to have the wedding dress that goes harmoniously with the quests’ dresses. The flower bouquet must have the same color with the bride’s wedding dress as well.

Satin Full Length Formal Bridesmaid DressSatin Full Length Formal Elegant Bridesmaid Dress

Today, the modern wedding is more liked by people. The dresses, in modern wedding, are more variant. The bridesmaid dress color is too specialized. The bridesmaids are free to choose the model and color of the dress that they want to wear. If the wedding day is held in winter, the bridesmaid dress must be made from the thick material. In summer, the bridesmaid dress must be created from the thin materials. And if the wedding day is held in Autumn, wedding cocktail can be applied and the bridesmaid dress must be set rightly with this kind of event.

Satin Beaded Full Length Bridesmaid DressSatin Beaded Full Length Elegant Bridesmaid Dress

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