Five Kinds of Gown to Have by a Woman

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sexy little black dress

Every woman usually wants to look beautiful and fashionable in every occasion. She will try hard and do many things to make it come true. Going to a wedding party for example is a special moment that demands a woman to perform harmoniously. And of course there are still many special and important moments to attend in which a woman wishes to be perfectly stunning. According to fashion designer from America, David Meister, the women should have five gowns in their wardrobe. Here are the five gowns quoted from

Little Black Dress

This knee-length gown can used for every situation. Avoid to have this kind of gown made from shiny material.

colorful cocktail dress

Colorful Cocktail Dress

This kind of gown can be worn in a semi-formal party. Choose the color and model which are suitable with your posture character.

colorful dress

Colorful Dress

Provide gowns with strong color that can be combined with accessories or sweater.

evening gown

Evening Gown

Evening gown is the gown which is worn in the formal party. The length of this gown reaches the ankle or more. You can choose the gowns with dark colors to create an elegant accent.

great fitting dress

Great Fitting Dress

The gowns with the fitting scale on your body that will never be out of date to wear.

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