Fresh and Cool Fruit Fountain in the Wedding Reception

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Today, wedding decoration is not always dominated by flower element. Fruits as complementary elements of decor begin to be chosen and used in wedding party. The arrival of fresh and nice fruits is also functioned as dessert. The use of fruits has been combined to be a beautiful element and is able to compete with flowers. It is called Fruit Fountain.

According to Mona form Zinnia Emerys Floral Designer, a fruit arrangement has an important position in a wedding party. The brides and grooms usually ask high and big fruit arrangement. With its high size, the flower arrangement is called fruit tower or fruit fountain. The height of fruit fountain can reach 2 meters.That is why it needs to be supported by a strong pop which is usually made from iron or artificial trunk. It is because fruits are heavier than flowers. Among many fruits, grape, orange, apple, star fruit, and pear become the favorite. The choice of fruit is arranged with the color composition to create a fresh nuance.

fruit fountain picture
How to position a fruit fountain can be divided into two. It can be positioned together with fruits which functions as the centerpiece of dessert buffet. Another position is in the middle as the element decor standing alone. It will be more attractive and fresh if a high and large ice sculpture becomes the fruits container so that the guests are able to cool and fresh fruits when passing them.

fruit fountain picture
If you are interested to use a fruit fountain in your wedding reception, here are some tips to consider: Firstly, choose the model, style and size of the fruit fountain you want. It should walk harmoniously with the size of the room and party theme. Secondly, if you are going to hold your wedding reception at a hotel, it is better to ask the hotel whether there is any certain terms to position a fruit fountain in the reception room. You do not want to have a problem when the decor is being made, do you? Probably the hotel has a fruit fountain making service. Lastly, discuss with the decorator and the catering provider about the technical, composition, and the position of the fruit fountain; whether the fruit fountain will only become as a table decor or stand alone. And make sure that the dessert is served well by the catering provider with the relatively big fruit fountain.

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