Knowing our Body Shapes Before Choosing Wedding Dresses or Gowns

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Choosing the proper wedding dress or gown will sometimes take long time and become little bit confusing as well, particularly for those who know nothing about fashion. It is because there are many things to consider when choosing them. The things should go and support each other harmoniously to create a stunning outlook of a bride.

One thing that may be the most important to consider is the body shape. It will really influence our decision when choosing the wedding dresses or gowns. To know your body shape, here are some tips to mind when choosing a wedding outfit.

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Hourglass body shape has a balance from the head to the toe. A bride who has a body shape like this can wear anything she likes on the wedding day.

Pear body shape has smaller body shape at the top than the bottom. The proper wedding dress or gown for a bride having this kind of body shape is a dress or gown having halter neck model with small rope and full of semi-full ball gown. Avoid using a dress or gown having low part in the front and a dress or gown which is too tight on the waist.

Apple body shape has a big body shape at the top and hip but does not have a definite waist line. Try to wear a dress or gown which will give more definite cut on the waist and stay away from wearing a scoop-neck wedding dress or gown.

Elegant wedding dress with square scoop neckline

Inverted Pear body shape is the opposite of “pear” body shape. So, it has bigger body shape at the top than the bottom or waist. The best choice of wedding dress or gown for this kind of body shape is ball gown or ball skirt gown.

By knowing the body shape of yours well, you will be able to choose the appropriate wedding dress or gown more easily so that you will look very nice in the wedding reception since they go and support harmoniously and properly. Hopefully the tips will help you little bit how to choose the rightest wedding dresses and gowns.

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