Show the Sacred Intention of Wedding With White Wedding Dresses

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white wedding dresses

White is a color regarded as the symbol of purity. It is not surprised if there are lots of brides choosing this kind of color for their wedding dresses. White is able to represent the pure intention and sacred promise pronounced by the couple in the wedding ceremony. Marriage is one of sacred moments in the human life besides the birth and death.

white wedding dresses
In every culture, wedding is always held in a festive manner and its celebration is full with symbolic things. The symbol of culture and custom give a variation to the wedding dress and wedding accessories further. Color and motif are two things from many things often used a symbol which are stuck with various meaningful means. Chinese wedding for example, they wear red wedding dresses as the symbol of good luck and medieval brides who wear blue wedding dresses as the symbol of purity.

white wedding dresses
The tradition of wearing a white wedding dress are continuously copied and preserved by the women. Not only plain white is chosen for the wedding dress but also the gradation of white such as creme, champagne, broken-white, off white and ivory. White becomes a privilege color for the brides to perform differently and elegantly in their wedding day. As though there is a label saying “FOR BRIDES ONLY” sticking on the white wedding dress.

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