How to Choose the Wedding Invitation Cards Model

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bedazzled ivory wedding invitation card

The real meaning of wedding invitation cards is to show how big your hope to the coming of someone is. Though invitation card can be delivered orally through friends, envoys, short text messages, and phones, but someone will feel more appreciated if an invitation is delivered directly via an invitation card. In this case, having an artistic and attractive wedding invitation card is very essential. You can make your guests amazed in advanceĀ  before they come to your wedding by sending them such cards and let them imagine what your wedding reception will be.

bespoke flutter hot pink wedding invitation card

Choose the invitation model with your spouse. Before you choose it, you must pay your attention to the party that will be held. It is because an invitation should be confirmed with the party site and held by considering the number of guests and colleagues invited. An unrepresentative invitation for huge party held in a luxurious place will just lessen the appreciation of the guests and relations that will be invited. On the other hand, an invitation which is too luxurious for a simple wedding party will only look funny and exaggerating.

turquoise wedding invitation card with ribbon

To decide the model of invitation card, pay your attention to its design entirely: big or small, harmonious and exclusive design blend, and information written decoratively. You can use an envelope to give an image how honored your guests are. Be careful not to display excessively of gold color. Although a little gold color will make an invitation more beautiful and has a meaning of luck, but if the element of gold too much would only give the vulgar impression, tacky and not at all exclusive. The beauty will be seen clearly in the style of design, selection of images, as well as the basic color of paper used. Design shown should not be too crowded, while the composition of pictures and ornaments must give the beautiful and fascinating impression.

hot pink wedding invitation card with ribbon
allure navy wedding invitation card with black ribbon

To refine the invitation card you can add a ribbon matching with its design color. Usually romance element is inserted in the invitation card through flower pictures symbolizing the language of love. Intimacy can also be expressed with other illustrations, like a pair of geese, ring, bride doll, and others. Meanwhile, the colors of beige, ivory, pink, baby blue, light green, and other young colors reflect the softness. The elegance of the invitation card must give the exclusive and simple impression and have a sense of high art. We can also add embossed trick on the cover of the invitation. These stunning and pretty wedding invitation cards can be found at madewithlovedesigns.

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