The Perfect Eyes Makeup for the Perfect Wedding

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In wedding makeup, eyes become the important attention from the makeup artist and the bride. People say that eyes are the window of the heart. So they must look different, expressive, and “sharp”. For a bride who wants to look deluxe, applying longer and thicker eyelashes will make the eyes more alive. For the eyeshadow, using calm colors and others that are not excessive must be done. It is because the shadow effect that is not proper will create a weird outlook and look older.

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Color selection of eye or facial makeup must be matched with the color of the wedding dress or gown to arrive a harmonious appearance. If the eyes do not look too alive, it is safer to use dark colors on the eyelid (smokey eyes). The convex or concave eyes will also determine in the selection of dark or bright colors of the eye makeup. The convex eyes are not good with bright color such as white because it will just make the eyes look more convex. To make the eyes look concave, the use of dark colors, brown, purple, and green will be very helpful.

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On the other hand, for the concave eyes, it is necessary to avoid dark colors since they will make the eyes look darker. Ideally, for the concave eyes, the application of light colors is the right choice. For evening wedding party, it needs different makeup trick. Shimmering eye makeup is really advisable for this event. Shimmering makeup will make the eyes more glowing. The attractive eyes will look rigid if they are not supported by the smooth makeup around the face.

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The face can be formed with the right makeup. For the certain areas such as the cheek bones, base of nose, and chin which are too protruding or prominent can be manipulated by creating shades around them with the face powder with darker colors. The purpose is to create a concave effect to the eyes.

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