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wedding dress fitting

Wedding dress fitting is an important process to do before the wedding day. The chosen dress must fit with the body. It is not big or loose, narrow, and it does not result in wrinkles of its fabric in the body of the bride. It is very important as well to make sure that there is no mistake either in cutting or sewing. There are also some other essential things to do in the wedding dress fitting.

wedding dresses fitting

wedding dress pattern

Before the first fitting, we must decide what accessories will be combined with the wedding dress. Buy underwear that will be worn with the wedding dress. It must be ensured that the underclothes are worn during the fitting. Different underwear can give a different view. Buy the wedding shoes that will be worn in the wedding day because the height of it and the length of the wedding dress must be equalized. It is also essential to maintain our weight, unless we maintain it, there can be a unexpected change of it that will force us to change our wedding dress.

The first fitting is done six weeks before the wedding day. We can ask our friends or others to give opinion or advices. It is needed to ensure the color and size of the wedding dress from the neck circumference, sleeve form, till the length of it. Fitting is taken to ensure that the designer knows what to do with our wedding dress.

In the second fitting, do not forget to wear and bring underwear, shoes, and accessories that will be worn on the wedding day, including veil and gloves if we order them from another designer. If we’re still not convinced with the outcome of our wedding dress, we can bring a camera. We can take pictures ourselves while wearing the wedding dress. After fitting, check again whether we are satisfied with the results or not.

In the last fitting, we can ask our friends again to give the last judgment on our wedding dress whether it has been proper with our body or not. By doing wedding dress fitting properly, we can find the perfect dress and pattern.

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