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blue motif batik prom dress

So, you are going to attend a party? You can appear differently beautiful and elegant by wearing a batik prom dress. But sometimes choosing batik with motif as prom dress is not easy. The rightest choice of batik prom dress will make you more elegant and beautiful in the party. You may consider the following tips or suggestions to help you find the best batik prom dress. You can choose batik made from cotton, satin, raw silk, or crepe silk. The main consideration when choosing prom dress is your silhouette.

blue elegant motif prom dresses

Please remember a principle says: “covering the deficiency and accentuating the excellence”. For you having big silhouette, you can cover it by wearing prom dress with dark colors, small motifs, or plain motif. On the contrary, the thin person will be very appropriate to wear prom dress with bright colors and various motifs. But you have to avoid using vertical motif since it will make your silhouette look longer. You can design your prom dress (formal or informal) with batik motifs having simple silhouette but beautiful and unique in its details such giving ribbon or drapery patterns.

The place where the party will be held and the party theme must be considered well. Prom dresses or gowns with knee-length H-line silhouette and 3/4 gowns will make you more stunning if you wear it to attend a beach party. Do not forget to note the invitation card, because there may be a dress code listed there. It is to avoid your wearing the wrong dress.

classical motif batik prom dress

If you want to make batik prom dress, you can use different types of motifs and colors blend. What important is to choose the colors and motifs of batik going properly with the type of event would you attend (the party). Your skin color is also influential in obtaining the suitable dress. Skin color is generally classified into two main groups; pale skin type and dark type. If you have pale skin type, you are lucky because it will be suitable to wear a dress almost in all types of color, whereas if you have the type which tends to be dark, do not be confused. You can try the colors like gold, ivory, peach, orange or brown color with a softer level.

dkny jeans petite batik print

For an official party having a relaxing atmosphere or semi-official party, you can choose batik with fauna and flora motifs in a bright color or light alloys. For an official party, geometric-patterned and medium-sized batik or classical batik motifs with light or dark colors touch impressing luxury could be the right option.

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