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Pink is able to make a woman look more beautiful. Mostly, from the teenagers to the adult women like the pink color. Especially if we are clever enough how to mix and combine it, the pink dress or gown and make up with pink nuance will be able to make us look more beautiful. However, there is something to consider, if the dress and make up worn and used from the head to toe are entirely pink, it will result in an unwanted expectation. It will be very excessive. Pink color is identical with the female or feminism.

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Though pink will look neutral for the make up and gown, there are some things to remember when deciding to wear gowns with pink nuance in order not to be excessive. The selection of gowns or dresses must be proper with time and situation. In the summer, pink is very appropriate to use. Its bright color and natural will make your appearance look fresh and interesting. And because of its natural color, pink will go dynamically and properly with all kinds of skin both dark or fair skin. Pink which is used excessively will arrive bad-looking ambiance. If we combine pink with other color improperly, it will also ruin our outlook. There are several things to consider if you want to wear pink dresses or gowns. Here are the tips:

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Do not use the color pink with other pastel colors such as blue frozen or blue baby simultaneously. It will emerge childish impression. For the bold or striking pink, do not combine it with black or other dark colors. Use white or light beige or khaki colors to blend with the striking pink to make it look fashionable. You can also combine pink with other colors which have soft basic colors like white, beige, brown, khaki, and denim.

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For pink which is not too eye-catching or too soft (medium) is very precise if combined with white. For the soft pink can be combined with beige or khaki. It can also be combined with soft pink blusher. For the striking or eye-catching and bold pink is also nice to combine with grass green colors so that it will give a fresh and bold impression. You can also try and explore the color pink with other colors. Even pink color is also appropriate when used with a pair of jeans. But for sure, do not use it excessively from head to toe in entire pink.

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