What is the Elegant Dress?

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black elegant prom dresses

“Elegant” is said as a dress code written in a wedding card invitation. This term is very familiar among the mode lovers. If we hear it, we may imagine to the life of aristocrats long time ago. It does not mean that an elegant dress must reflect the classical mode which is usually very closed though elegance itself relates to modesty. Beautiful and in-excessive are the components sticking to a dress style said as an elegant dress. An elegant dress is usually identical to its wearer having a high education. It is not too closed, tidy, but it does not look vulgar. The beautiful, gorgeous, and polite sense is felt though the dress comes sleeveless or a little low-cut neck.

elegant black prom dresses

attractive elegant black prom dresses

However, such aristocratic fashion is not seen vulgar, as it usually seen on sensual or sexy dress, though many of these elegant dresses are too tight in the body. Even the beauty of the body groove lines are still visible behind the dress that is not too transparent. This is different from the sensual fashion that tends to be more daring and looks vulgar. Similarly, the sexy dress which deliberately shows the body indentations. Elegant dress does not always have to be black, although in the current development mode, dark color is often described as an elegant color. In fact, before the 20th century evening gowns or black prom dress is very unpopular and must be avoided by the European Aristocracy. It was said at that time that black color is a reflection of sadness and grief.

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Now, black is a reflection of the beautiful night with the presence of sparkling stars. That’s why these days, designers tend to give sparkling sequin accents or amethyst crystals on a black evening gown. In short, solid colors are an important representation of the elegant fashions, as the wearer must be able to show a mature personality as well. Maroon, blue siladon, or golden brown but not minor, dark brown and silver are a row of soft colors that fit this mode. Elegant dress is also not rigid. Even the recent formal clothing and work clothes are also inspired from the inspirational words “elegant”.

amelia black and red prom dresses
Amelia Black and Red Prom Dresses

elegant pink prom dresses

Elegant Pink Prom Dresses

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