Choose the Wedding Bouquet Going Harmoniously with your Personality

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wedding bouquets

It can be easy as well as difficult to choose a wedding bouquet. There are many things that must be considered before determining the most appropriate choice. The following tips may help you to find the one that you want. Choose the form that suits you, because basically wedding bouquet should enhance the beauty of your body shape. By so doing, you will feel comfortable and relaxed when holding it.

wedding bouquet ideas
In general, if you have a small body you should choose the small one. Elongated bouquet (Cascade) is more suitable for those who are tall. Do not forget to pay the attention to the kind of the flowers, since it can effect the entire appearance on your happy day. Your wedding bouquet should also go harmoniously with the color of your skin and wedding dresses or gowns. If your skin tends to be pale, avoid selecting white flowers. Instead choose the thick cream-colored flowers in order to look more harmonious. Rich or bright colors will brighten the dark-skinned bride.

If your wedding dress or gown looks chic, simple, and less decorative, you may choose the wedding bouquet having lively kinds and forms. On the contrary, if your dress or gown has many ruffles, ribbons, and beads, you must choose the flowers that will make the beauty of your dress look more determining. If you’re a shy and closed bride, you’d better not choose the flower arrangements adorned with feathers or crystals. The key word is choose a bouquet that makes you feel comfortable when holding it. So you will not regret it.

You must also make sure that the florist chooses you the fresh and fragrant flowers to be able to last all day. Ask your florist to provide a flower vase to make floral bouquet equipped with a vase to keep it fresh. If you want to throw a bouquet to your close friends, get the bouquet with a smaller size than the original, so it can be thrown from the top of your shoulder.

If now you are looking for the ideas of your wedding bouquets, the following fresh, pleasant, and beautiful flowers may enrich your ideas.

red blue wedding bouquets
Six multi-coloured gerberas in bright hues come together to form a bouquet that brightens the darkest of days and the loneliest of nights.
summer swing wedding bouquets
Just like playing on a swing on a bright summer day, receiving this gift will be fun and games. A playful mix of orange and yellow gerberas comes in a cheerful bouquet.
sweet escape wedding bouquets
Take her heart away and bring her to your sweet escape with this thrilling arrangement. The bouquet is a melodious pairing of red roses and baby breaths.

rainbow wedding bouquets
Bright splashes of colour make a splash in her life! This gorgeous bouquet of gerberas will stand out and express how much colour she brings to your life.

Right now, if you have a fear that the flowers will wither, or maybe you or your partner are allergic to flowers, you can ask your florist to arrange you a hand bouquet from artificial flowers. The result is not less beautiful than the original bouquet.

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