Favorite Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

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calla lilies wedding bouquet

Flowers are only beautiful for the garden or park. They are also used for many things, especially as the decorations. The availability of flowers in one room will give something more natural and beautiful. In a wedding, flowers are usually applied as a wedding bouquet and functioned as an additional ornament to the wedding site to make it look merrier and impressive. Here are some kinds of flowers which are usually made as a wedding bouquet.

white calla lily wedding bouquet
Calla lilies – This type of flower is an elegant flower for wedding bouquet. And the most common colors for this type of flower are white, flame, yellow, and burgundy.

stephanotis wedding bouquet
Stephanotis – This flower is among of the very famous wedding flowers used as a wedding bouquet. This flower is small with the color of white and carries. And this flower symbolizes a happiness in marriage.

tulips wedding bouquet
Tulips – Tulips are liked by everyone especially the women. They look more colorful than the other types of flowers. Like stephanotis flower, a tulip also has a meaning. A red flower means the declaration of love. Yellow is a hope in love while the cream colored tulips mean an everlasting love.

roses wedding bouquets
Roses – Like other flowers, roses come in many colors as well. It is the all time favorite flowers. White means purity and innocence and red is love and passion. Yellow is a friendship and pink is happiness.

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