Wedding Accessories: Vintage with Cage Veil

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beautiful cage wedding veil

There are many kinds of bridal accessories from hair accessories up to jewelries. Wedding veil is one of many important wedding accessories for the brides. From many wedding veils, cage veil is very unique. It looks like a cage for the birds. This type of wedding veil is short and usually cover the area in the eyes, nose, and chin. Cage veil will be very appropriate for you who want to have a romantic wedding.

sexy cage wedding veil

At first, this veil was introduced in 1950s and successfully transformed a woman to look elegant and sophisticated. It becomes a trend again due to the return of vintage wedding dresses. You can combine this wedding accessory with some jewelries, flowers, ribbons, and others. Generally, up do hairstyle will go harmoniously with it and it is called as Audrey Hepburn. But it is not also impossible for you who do not like up do hairstyle to wear cage veil with curly and straight hair loose. Cage veil is able to highlight the natural beauty and sensuality of a bride. Unfortunately, for you having a round face and square face, cage veil is not suitable for you. However, if you still want to wear a cage veil in your wedding day, just make sure to wear it that will cover your face till chin.

unique cage veil
bird cage veil wedding accessories

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