How to Choose Hand Wedding Bouquets

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red roses wedding bouquet

It is said that once the bridesmaids who wanted to “catch” marriage of the bride would try to bring a torn of wedding dress home. We can imagine how sad the bride was. The tradition has been changed with a new one. Now, the bride will throw a hand wedding bouquet before leaving the wedding location. The tradition of throwing a hand wedding bouquet is believed to begin since the 14th century. It is believed that a woman who is able to catch the wedding flower will get a good luck. She may be the next woman who will get married.

tulip wedding bouquetTulip Wedding Bouquet

There is a story behind the bridal bouquet. Originally, the bride carried only a pinch of medicinal plants. The fragrant plants were believed to counteract the evil forces, misfortune, and disease. Generally, the brides used garlic. Then, in the tradition of Greek and Roman, it was amended by pinning the flower arrangements at the bride’s hair as a symbol of life and fertility. To search for the right hand bouquet, the brides usually only choose based on its color and personal taste. However, after knowing its meaning, it is better if you start to be careful in choosing wedding bouquet flowers. Choose the flower which accords to your character and your partner. You can try to be creative with different forms whether it is round, geometric, or symmetrical. Lightweight, long, or slender. Natural, elegant, or dramatic hand wedding bouquet.

calla lily bouquet pictureCalla Lily Wedding Bouquet

When selecting your bridal bouquet, you must match it with your wedding gown or wedding dress. You may consult it with a florist or your wedding decorator. If you want to order it, you don’t order it immediately. Probably, the flower that you want is not available. For a simple wedding gowns or wedding dresses, a hand wedding bouquet is usually designed in many colors. On the contrary, for the gown or dress having various colors and details, choose a simple hand wedding flower. You must pay your attention to its ribbons and other flower accessories in order that it will look harmonious and matching to combine with your wedding dress or wedding gown.

daisy wedding bouquetDaisy Wedding Bouquet

For your white wedding dresses or gowns, it will be a good idea to combine them with special colors of wedding bouquet such as orange or fuchsia. And you can also match your bridal accessories with the hand wedding bouquets. Here are some beautiful and elegant hand wedding bouquets for your ideas and inspirations; white, red, purple, blue, and fall wedding bouquet coming in various designs.

orange bridal bouquetOrange Bridal Bouquet

fuchsia wedding bouquetFuchsia Wedding Bouquet

beautiful white wedding bouquet with liliesBeautiful White Wedding Bouquet with Lilies
fall wedding bouquetFall Wedding Bouquet

blue wedding bouquetBlue Wedding Bouquet

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