Tips How to Buy Vintage Dresses

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summer vintage dresses floral with unique design

summer vintage dresses floral

These days, people are competing to appear different, and vintage dresses such as vintage prom dresses, vintage wedding dresses or vintage wedding gowns can be a choice for you who like old fashion. Moreover, vintage dresses can an investment as well. The characteristic of vintage dress is very classical and has its own style that will make its wearers look more stylish whenever and wherever.

unique vintage evening dressesunique vintage evening dresses

The style or characteristic of vintage dress is very influenced by the certain time which has its own styles. For example, in 1950s, little black dress popularized by Audrey Hepburn could be worn anytime by the women with all body types. Or in 1970s, disco gowns were very popular and became a trend. So, why don’t you try to buy vintage dresses to have a different and unique outlook? When buying vintage dresses, quality is the first priority. Just because the dress takes ’50s style, it does not mean that it has a low quality.

sporty vintage dresses designsporty vintage dresses

Vintage dress should have a certain aesthetic side that will make you look unique. If you want to make sure the vintage dresses you are going to buy will last long, it is suggested to buy the ones made from cotton. They look more expensive and long-lasting. It is also very essential to buy the vintage dress having classic style and color in order to be be able to wear from year to year. When you are buying the dress, you must spend much time to look over it. Mind its body size since it will be different from the time when it is made and today. Pay your attention to any damages on it as well particularly in the armpit.

vintage white strapless wedding dressvintage white wedding dress

white lace vintage wedding dresseswhite lace vintage wedding dresses

For vintage leather dress, try to smell its odor. It is because there are some vintage dresses having cigarette odor left by the wearers. Such odor is difficult to erase. You must also check its authenticity. Vintage dress should use zipper or metal button not plastic. And the most important one that you like the vintage dresses because if you don’t, they will just be stored in your wardrobe for many years.

black vintage mini prom dressesblack vintage prom dresses

vintage style prom dressesvintage style prom dresses

According to Cameron Silver, an owner of vintage dress boutique, Decades, in Los Angeles said that if you want to buy something vintage, you must start from the accessories. Vintage jewelry can be very expensive but it can also be affordable enough. Accessories will last longer than the dress. Jewelries and accessories such as chandelier or other big necklaces are able to make the common dresses look awesome and chic. Handbag or clutch, the compulsory accessories to wear with evening gowns comes from the era of ’50s can be a good investment. And the best place to look for and buy vintage dresses is in the vintage dress boutique.

black vintage party dressesblack vintage party dresses

floral vintage party dressesfloral vintage party dresses

If you want to find ideas about vintage dresses, here are some nice, elegant, and beautiful pictures from vintage prom dresses, vintage wedding dresses, vintage wedding gowns, vintage party dresses, and vintage bridesmaid dresses for your inspirations.

vintage bridesmaids dressesvintage bridesmaids dresses

vintage bridesmaid dressesvintage bridesmaid dresses

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