Choosing Bridal Hairstyles Matching with You

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bridal hairstyles for long hair

Asking yourself, a question like this “would you like your hair up or down?” And the next question is “Are you a plain Jane or a glamor girl?” If you are a plain Jane, you will feel more comfortable and relax with a lower, simpler, not too detailed type of hairstyles. And if you are a glamor girl; a higher, fuller, curlier, and bigger statement type of hairstyles are appropriate with you.

high updo with tight and elegant curlshigh updo with tight and elegant curls

Facial structure is very important to consider to gain a hairstyle that compliments it. For a bridal having a small or big forehead, she must try sweeping her bangs. If a bridal has a square jaw line, she must try to leave some tendrils around her face to soften the strong lines. And for the bridals having a long lean face, they must avoid having a high updo as it will elongate their face even more.

high updo with loose romantic curlshigh updo with loose romantic curls

low updo with tight and elegant curlslow updo with tight and elegant curls

low updo with loose romantic curlslow updo with loose romantic curls

Finally, a very important thing that will succeed the outlook of a bridal hairstyle is the bridal gown or dress. A bigger and higher updo will go harmoniously with Princess Ball gown. Curls and randomness will look best with heavily decorated and beaded gowns. If you like finger waves and thick curls, it will go beautifully with vintage gowns. Strapless wedding gown will go nicely with some hair down. Halter top gowns will look best with the hair up and off the shoulders. [via]

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