Wedding Shoes for the Big Calves

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sexy strappy pink wedding shoes

strappy pink wedding shoes

Wedding shoes or bridal shoes has become a fashion statement. Due to this, the model of wedding shoes keeps developing from year to year. And now the brides become more selective and clever when choosing their bridal shoes. The brides do not depend on the conventional models. The trend of wedding shoes goes side by side with the trend of wedding dresses or gowns which becomes more modern from day to day.

strappy silver high heel wedding shoes strappy silver high heel wedding shoes

Pump shoes made from white satin does not dominate the trend anymore. Today, there are many brides prefer to choose strappy sandals or strappy wedding shoes and slingbacks. Slingback shoes, strappy shoes or sandals are very suitable for you who have big calves.

silver strappy wedding sandalssilver strappy wedding sandals

These models will emphasize the lower part of your foot, especially the ankle. Accent ribbon or strap on your shoes can also help create the impression of the foot and calf look more balanced. Pump shoes is not appropriate for the big calves since it will make the foot look “sunk”. Here are some pictures or photos of wedding shoes for the big calves o r your ideas and inspirations.

strappy white wedding shoes strappy white wedding shoes
elegant silver strappy wedding sandals elegant silver strappy wedding sandals

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